Failure to Ambulate Effectively

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Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a long and complicated process, especially if you are suffering from arthritis or joint dysfunction. One of the various ways that your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer can prove your case to the Social Security Administration (SSA) is to show that you cannot “ambulate effectively.”

What Is Ineffective Ambulation According to the SSA?

A person who cannot ambulate effectively has extreme limitations in his or her ability to walk. In other words, if you are suffering from this disability, you cannot independently initiate, sustain or complete activities as a result of insufficient functioning of your legs

The SSA groups people who suffer from ineffective ambulation under the musculoskeletal listings. To meet this listing, your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer will need to prove the following elements:

  1. You must be incapable of sustaining a reasonable walking pace over a sufficient distance
  2. You must be incapable of traveling without assistance to and from work

Examples of Ineffective Ambulation

Some examples of ineffective ambulation include

  • The inability to engage in routine daily activities, such as shopping or cleaning
  • The inability to walk without the use of a walker
  • The inability to enjoy regular activities that include the use of your legs
  • The inability to use standard public transportation

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