An Ocala Disability Attorney Answers Questions on Social Security Disability Hearings

Posted on May 31, 2011 by cjblog

What happens after I request a hearing?

After you request a hearing but before the hearing itself, an attorney advisor may review your file, ask for additional evidence, and conduct an informal hearing conference with your attorney.

What can the attorney advisor do?

An attorney advisor can write fully favorable decisions for administrative law judges, so it is possible that he or she could issue a decision before your hearing. Unless a request to proceed with the hearing is made within 30 days after the date of the attorney advisor decision, the request you made for a hearing will be dismissed.  If you appeal, the Appeals Council will review the decision. If the attorney advisor does not issue a decision, then you will be granted a hearing.

What if I cannot appear in person for a hearing?

Video conferencing can be arranged for those who cannot appear in person for a hearing. If you do not want to use video conferencing for this purpose, then your hearing will be rescheduled.

How does a hearing proceed?

Unlike a court case, a hearing is not adversarial and evidence that would be inadmissible in court can be used in a Social Security disability hearing. Vocational or medical experts can testify, and testimony is taken under oath or by affirmation. After the hearing, the administrative law judge who presided over the hearing will issue a decision.

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