Long-term Disability Insurance Claims

Disability insurance benefits were created to protect individuals and families in case they become sick or injured and can’t create an income. Unfortunately, insurance companies seem to look for any reason to deny those benefits rightly owed to you. The reality is the insurance industry's main focus is to make a profit for their shareholders, leaving their policyholders unprotected. You may finally get paid a benefit, but don’t expect it to happen quickly or easily.

Don't Fight Alone

Without an experienced disability attorney, you will have a hard time fighting against an insurance company on your own. Insurance claim examiners are trained to look at even the smallest details that could disqualify you from the claim you rightly deserve. Many people have been denied disability benefits because they were captured on video, appearing not to be disabled. Many times, an ERISA lawyer can help you with your initial claim and identify exactly what you need to win your case or appeal.

Get the Benefits You Deserve

Even a small step in the wrong direction could be detrimental to the success of your case. If you’re in Brandon, Lakeland or the surrounding areas in Florida, please contact us. We will make sure you receive guidance on how to respond to your disability insurance provider and how to conduct your life without affecting your case negatively. Count on our legal experience to make sure you receive the benefits you are owed.

Words cannot express my sincere appreciation to Attorney Claudeth Henry for the professional services in representing me with my disability claim. Your knowledgeable expertise helped to process my claim immediately without delays. Thank you for your genuine work ethics and care for your clients. May God continue to soar you to greater heights.

Brenda Vereen

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