What Will My Florida Social Security Disability Hearing Be Like?

Posted on March 29, 2011 by cjblog

Sometimes a Social Security disability claimant will come to an Ocala disability lawyer worrying about the Social Security disability hearing. Many claimants are physically uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time, and no one wants to be put on trial—especially not for private matters like his or her health.

The Social Security Administration recognizes this fact, and they try to make sure that the hearing is a comfortable and low-stress experience compared to a court trial. The hearing will take place in a room that looks more like a conference room than a courtroom. You will not be required to dress formally. Wear comfortable clothes (within reason). If your medical condition necessitates alternating sitting and standing, the administrative law judge will allow breaks as necessary. The Social Security Administration recognizes that you will give your best testimony if you are comfortable.

There are some ways in which the hearing is like a court trial. You, and any medical or vocational witnesses called by the administrative law judge or by your Ocala disability lawyer, will need to testify under oath. All questions posed by the judge will need to be answered by you alone, without the help of your attorney or any witnesses in the room.

The best way to make the hearing process go smoothly is to hire an experienced disability lawyer to help you prepare ahead of time. If you have some idea of what questions the judge is likely to ask and what answers will best convey the information he or she needs to find you disabled, you will be more relaxed and your testimony will come across better.

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