An Ocala, Florida Disability Attorney Explains What to Do if Your Benefits Are Delayed

Posted on October 10, 2013 by cjblog

After being awarded disability benefits, it can typically take up to a few months to receive payment. If several months have passed, ask your Ocala, Florida disability attorney about what you should do next.

An Ocala, Florida Disability Attorney May Fax the Payment Center

Ocala, Florida disability attorneyYour attorney can send a fax to the Office of Central Operations' processing unit module, and should fax such a letter if no Notice of Award is received within 45 days of your disability decision. If 45 days pass with no response, your attorney should direct another to the attention of the module manager. If 45 days again pass with no response, your attorney should attempt a third fax to the Division Program Manager. Finally, if there is still no response 45 days later, your attorney should send a fax to the Center for Program Support. Each fax should also include copies of all earlier faxes.

An Ocala, Florida Disability Lawyer May Contact a Congressional Office

Contacting a Congressional Office to speak with the staff member specializing in handling the Social Security Administration (SSA) may lead to a congressional inquiry, which can help move the payment process along.

An Ocala, Florida Disability Attorney May Speak to a Social Security Office Supervisor

A supervisor at your local Social Security office will be able to speak directly with the payment center to inquire about and rectify any delay.

Contact an Ocala, Florida Disability Lawyer

Getting your benefits in a timely manner is extremely important, and any delays should be addressed by an Ocala, Florida disability attorney. Call the CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC today at 352-304-5300.

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