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What to Expect in an ERISA Lawsuit
  • Published: April 29, 2019

You filed a disability benefits claim with your insurance company and received a denial. Then, you filed an appeal but your claim was denied again. Now you may be wondering, what are my options? At CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC, we can help you determine whether or not pursuing an ERISA lawsuit is right for you. To learn more about ERISA litigation, contact an Ocala FL ERISA attorney today. When Can You Begin an ERISA Lawsuit? You can't begin an ERISA lawsuit until you have exhausted all other claims appeals. This includes filing an administrative appeal and receiving a denial. Depending on your policy, you may have to file several administrative appeals or only one. There is a deadline in which to file your lawsuit. This is often governed by your insurance policy, so check the terms…Read More

Appealing an Aetna Long-Term Disability Denial
  • Published: April 24, 2019

Insurance companies are supposed to provide you with protection during times of illness or injury. Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Big insurance companies like Aetna are especially skilled at denying or delaying disability claims. If you received an Aetna long-term disability denial, don't give up. An Ocala FL LTD lawyer may be able to help. How Insurance Companies Make Money You may assume that insurance companies make the majority of their profits from premiums paid by policyholders. Think again. Insurance companies frequently invest the premiums which make even more money for them. The amount that insurance companies pay in claims is a drop in the bucket compared to the money they earn. Aetna collects about $30 billion dollars from insurance premiums in a single year. In order to hold…Read More

How to Qualify for Sciatica Long-Term Disability Benefits
  • Published: April 22, 2019

A sharp, shooting pain that travels down your leg and that is accompanied by tingling pain may be an indication of sciatica. If you've experienced these symptoms, you know they can be severe enough to be disabling. Below, we discuss what you need to know about qualifying for sciatica long-term disability benefits. For more information, speak to an Ocala FL LTD lawyer at CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC today. What Is Sciatica? The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back through the buttocks and into your lower leg. Typically, sciatic pain is caused by a compressed sciatic nerve, a bone spur, or a herniated disk. Even if you've never had a problem with sciatica before, it can appear suddenly and unexpectedly. Shooting pain that travels into the…Read More

  • Published: April 17, 2019

Chronic diverticulitis can be debilitating, but not everyone with this disease may qualify for long-term disability benefits. If you are wondering, "can I get disability for diverticulitis?" The short answer is yes, but it depends. What Is Diverticulitis? Diverticulitis attacks the digestive system and is caused by the formation of small pouches called diverticula along the intestinal walls. When these pockets become inflamed or infected they can result in severe abdominal pain, cramping, and bloating, as well as fever, nausea, and vomiting. The severity of diverticulitis can range from an acute occurrence to a chronic condition. Doctors are unsure of the precise cause of the disease, but many believe low-fiber diets may be partly to blame. If you suspect you have diverticulitis, see your doctor immediately. If the condition is left…Read More

5 Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind With ERISA Litigation
  • Published: April 15, 2019

With long-term disability claims, it can take a while to work through the legal system, and it can be easy to grow impatient with the process. At CJ Henry Law Firm PLLC, we have extensive experience litigating ERISA claims. Below, we discuss how you can help your Ocala FL ERISA litigation attorney with your case. 5 Things to Do 1. Listen to your attorney's advice. Your ERISA litigation attorney always have your best interests in mind. If you have any questions, feel free to ask your attorney. 2. Keep getting treatment for your disability. Your physician's medical expertise is important to your case. Even if your treatment plan doesn't change, establish a record of consistent consultations with your doctor. One way this can help your case is to prove you are in…Read More

Unum Long-Term Disability Denial
  • Published: April 11, 2019

When you pay for long-term disability insurance, you expect to receive benefits if you can't work due to injury or illness. Unfortunately, many people with policies from Unum are unpleasantly surprised when they file a claim. An Unum long-term disability denial is an all too frequent occurrence for policyholders. Here are some things you need to know. Unum Has a History of Unfair Claim Denials Unum Group is a prominent disability insurance company in the United States and in the United Kingdom. The insurance company provides both short and long-term disability insurance coverage to individuals and employers. Despite its standing in the insurance industry, and annual revenues in the billions of dollars, many policyholders are denied benefits for valid disabilities. Numerous lawsuits have been leveled…Read More

  • Published: April 10, 2019

Over 92 million people in the United States have some form of cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease (CHD). CHD is the result of the build-up of plaque inside the coronary arteries, which provide blood to the heart. The plaque narrows the artery and reduces the amount of blood getting to the heart. Reduced blood flow also means a reduction in oxygen reaching the heart which may result in a heart attack. Due to the high number of people affected by the disease, disability for a heart condition is a boon to many individuals and families. It's important to note that the presence of coronary heart disease, a heart attack, or a coronary bypass is not a guarantee of eligibility…Read More

Applying for Macular Degeneration Disability Benefits
  • Published: April 9, 2019

Macular degeneration is a progressive eye disease, which, over time, can lead to disability. To improve the chances of your claim being approved, it's important to get clear, comprehensive medical evidence. An Ocala FL long-term disability lawyer can help you with a macular degeneration disability benefits claim. Call CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC today for a consultation. What Is Macular Degeneration? Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in the country. It affects the area of the retina that controls your ability to see fine details. Macular degeneration eventually impairs your ability to read, drive, use a computer, and even recognize people. It may also become progressively difficult to perform the requirements of your job. What Are the Symptoms of Macular Degeneration? Changes to your vision caused by macular degeneration may progress slowly during…Read More

How to Prepare for Long-Term Disability Interview Questions
  • Published: March 28, 2019

If you receive a call or letter from your insurance company requesting an interview, don't panic. It doesn't mean you are about to lose your benefits or that your claim is about to be denied. An interview with an insurance company representative is not uncommon; up to 50% of claimants will be interviewed. However, you can prepare for long-term disability interview questions so you feel more confident. Interview Format: In Person or By Phone You may have the option of doing the interview in person or on the phone. If you agree to an in-person interview, the insurance company representative may want to come to your home for the interview. The representative will observe you to see if your behavior…Read More

  • Published: March 25, 2019

Peripheral neuropathy is a serious condition that can affect your ability to move, feel, and even breathe. Nerves transmit messages from the brain and spinal cord to other parts of the body. For example, when a peripheral nerve sends a message to your legs, you're able to walk or run. The disability is the result of nerve damage due to a traumatic injury, vascular disease, tumors, or infections. Symptoms can be severe and impair your ability to work or prevent you from doing any work. TYPES OF PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY AND THEIR SYMPTOMS There are two primary types of peripheral neuropathy, mononeuropathy which involves one nerve, and polyneuropathy which affects two or more nerves. Polyneuropathy is the more prevalent of the two types, but both types can cause severe symptoms and long-term disability.…Read More

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