We cannot guarantee a successful outcome for you or any other future client, but the following list is a small sampling of just a few representative cases that we have handled.
  • MacDonald v. UNUM Life Insurance Company of America


    Nov 2015

  • Meyer v. Life Insurance Company of North America et al


    Sep 2015

  • Staley v. Life Insurance Company of North America et al


    Sep 2015

  • Butler v. AT&T Umbrella Benefit Plan No. 1


    Aug 2015

  • Weiss v. Life Insurance Company of North America et al


    Jul 2015

  • Lawrence B. Bates v. Robert A. McDonald


    Jun 2015

  • Roberson v. Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company et al


  • Frazier v. Life Insurance Company of North America et al


    Feb 2015

  • Day, Albert Valentine Jr v. Ace American Insurance Company


  • Shabat v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company et al


    Jul 2014

  • Redish, Barbara A v. Standard Insurance Company


    Jul 2014

  • Lane v. Lincoln National Life Insurance Company


    Jun 2014

  • Nancy A Haan v. American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus


    Nov 2013

  • Thomas v. The Prudential Life Insurance Company of America


    May 2013

  • Kridler v. Life Insurance Company of North America


    Feb 2013

  • Charles A. Turner v. Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company et al


    Jan 2013

  • Hooper v. UNUM Life Insurance Company of America et al


    Jul 2012

  • Arnold v. AT&T, Inc. et al


    Jul 2012

  • Arneaitha Eldridge v. Eric K. Shinseki


    Dec 2009

Client Testimonials

We cannot guarantee a successful outcome for you or any other future client, but the following list is a small sampling of just a few representative cases that we have handled.

Words cannot express my sincere appreciation to Attorney Claudeth Henry for the professional services in representing me with my disability claim. Your knowledgeable expertise helped to process my claim immediately without delays. Thank you for your genuine work ethics and care for your clients. May God continue to soar you to greater heights. Brenda Vereen
Dianne and claudeth thank you for your help! I couldn’t have done it “alone”. Carmen
I was employed as a manager for a production line for a major manufacturing company for many years. I sustained a disabling shoulder injury which required surgery. After an unsuccessful attempt to return to work following surgery, I was taken out of work by my doctor. I filed claims for both short and long term disability benefits, which were ultimately terminated or denied. CJ Henry Law Firm was proactive in recommending a functional capacity assessment to provide the insurance company objective evidence of my inability to function. They also obtained a medical assessment of my functioning from my medical provider. C J Henry Law Firm assisted me in a successful appeal of long and short term disability benefits denial by Sun Life, and also successfully appealed my Social Security denial of disability benefits. C J Henry Law Firm systematically put a case together based on my authenticated medical condition and expert medical opinion that could not be denied upon review. Thanks C J Henry Law Firm for representing me and doing such a thorough job of putting these successful appeals together. Charles Beauregard
What a great job! In 2011 I found that I could no longer function at work, due to ongoing spinal and neck issues, which cause constant pain. It is very difficult to explain pain to anyone, much less prove that it exists. I took this case to the C J Henry Law Firm, and asked what they could do to help me file my disability claim. After my initial consultation with Claudeth Henry over the phone, I became more self conscience about actually following through with my claim, and did nothing. Five or six months later, I got a letter from Claudeth reminding that I had not yet filed. At that time, I contacted the office immediately and we started the process. I worked with Dianne Blain who has mastered the art of professionalism, and also was so encouraging and supportive during the process. Ms. Blain walked me through every step of the process. We filed in May of 2012 and I was approved for my Disability Claim in late January 2013. I would personally recommend the C J Henry Law Firm to anyone who is considering a disability claim. I sincerely appreciate the outstanding job that the C J Henry Law Firm did for me. Nancy A. Haan
Thank you again for your help with my claim. Your help and guidance throughout this process were terrific. I had almost no desire to even start down this legal avenue, but once I found you(it took some persistence), I was confident I had the right attorney. During our first phone conversation, your questions were so much more targeted and relevant than what I'd heard before; it was obvious you were the disability attorney I'd been searching for. At our first in-person meeting, I was really impressed too. You quickly and accurately gave me an assessment of my claim and offered an estimate of what might lie ahead. You did so without intimidation or minimization of my concerns, and I really appreciated that. I, clearly, was not eager to pursue legal action, and I never felt like you were steering me or my case in a direction I wasn't comfortable with. In retrospect, I'm even more pleased with your decision to bring Eddie on board too; the results at settlement were entirely a reflection of the extensive time, thought, and effort you two put into all aspects of my case. As I sat in Eddie's office during the mediation, I was impressed with you two quickly referencing details of my case and using that material to advocate for me. Both of you knew the details of my case forwards and backwards. I'm so happy I was directed to you and your law firm! Everyone there is great-especially Dianne, who exchanged so many helpful emails with me. I always felt like you and Dianne were on top of everything, and I was happy not to know the nitty-gritty behind-the-scenes details. I was stressed enough as it was. All your clients should rest assured that they have a great attorney on their side. Your calm, approachable, friendly character makes you even better to work with. Thank you so much for your help with my case. Should any issues develop regarding other issues relating to my disability, I'll be sure to contact you. Dr. Sanjay D.
I had been turned down by 2 of the 1-800 guys who sounded like they’d take anyone with a heart beat. After that, I sank into a deeper depression and was just about to “forget it all.” Then I ran into Betty, not seeing her for 10 years, she came to my church, and referred me to you. Yes, God is in control and may he bless you and yours forever. I want to thank Dianne and Sarah for being so nice & encouraging & available- always getting back with me by phone or email. And CJ – I thank God that you got out of nursing (a noble & awesome profession in many ways), and instead are there now doing what you do, to help someone like me. God loves all of you and so do I. You women are awesome and rock the bomb!!! Candy Nottingham.
I am a cancer survivor; you would never know it by looking at my face. At 42, Cancer changed my life forever. My name is Robin, and prior to Cancer, I was a Small Group Account Manager for the top health insurance company in the State of Tennessee. I loved the company I worked for, and I loved my job. I loved the people I worked with, both in and out of the office. To me, it was the ultimate job, tailor- made just for me. As an account manager for small groups (employers with 26-150 health insurance enrollees), I worked directly with insurance agents and employers to secure healthcare benefits packages that were custom made to fit the needs of the individual employer. I was proud to be a spokesperson for my company. My job basically was to become the right arm of all the groups, and the insurance agents that my company had entrusted to me. I was the main vein of communication between my company and these groups and agents, regarding all aspects of their healthcare benefits packages. I worked very hard, long hours, to be the best that I could be. In October of 2001, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was devastated, but also thankful for the mammogram covered by my own group healthcare benefits, which ultimately saved my life. I took 6 rounds of Chemotherapy, and 33 rounds of Radiation. I worked all through my treatment, missing only occasionally due to sickness from the treatments. I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel by the end of July 2002. My treatments completed, I could set about the process of healing my body, which had taken a lot of chemical and radiation abuse. I had my port-a-cath removed as a promise to myself that I would survive. A few days later, I was hospitalized with a diagnosis that would change my life in a way that Cancer had not… I had cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure as a result of the Chemotherapy I had taken. My heart had been permanently damaged, and would never function normally again. I was unable to work after being released from the hospital. Again, I was so thankful for the Short and Long Term Disability insurance coverage provided to me by my employer. At least I was able to afford the very expensive medication I had to take on a daily basis, and pay the bills, which were mounting due to the percentage of medical expense not covered by my health insurance. For the next year, I continued to receive monthly Long Term Disability benefits, and struggled with my health. I was no longer the person I was before or after Cancer. Then my LTD benefits abruptly ended at the end of one year. The LTD carrier had decided that I was no longer disabled and that my heart function was acceptable enough to go back to work. I couldn’t. For the next 3 years, I appealed the decision the LTD carrier had made to discontinue my benefits. I wrote letters; I got medical records together to help prove my position. My health and heart function declined over those 3 years; I was even on the heart transplant list. I was desperate for help. I struggled, going deeper and deeper into debt, even cashing in my 401K to pay my medical bills and refinancing my house. I had finally exhausted all financial means of paying my medical bills. My life changed yet again when I decided to call Attorney Claudeth Henry’s office for information. One of her specialties was to assist people like me in cases of Short or Long Term Disability benefit disputes. One call to her office was all it took. After the initial interview, she agreed to take my case. I was thrilled! However, I was disheartened when advised there was a small fee to be paid up front, because I had no money. She worked with me on that, too! Ms. Henry, who is not only a lawyer, but was also a nurse who worked in cardiac intensive care before becoming a lawyer, understood my medical conditions and limitations right away! She met with my doctor, and got a statement about the effects of cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure on my ability to function. Not only did she compile a composite of all of my medical records, she provided medical research about my conditions and legal research to support my appeal. The dedication and diligence in her efforts to have my LTD benefits reinstated never wavered. I will never forget the day I got the call from her office with the news of the outcome of my appeal. At that time, I had had surgery to implant a pacemaker/defibrillator into my heart, and was home recovering from that procedure. I HAD WON!! Not only had I won; I would be receiving 3 years of back benefits and continuing monthly benefits. Needless to say, I cried tears of joy! And so did Ms. Henry’s paralegal, Dianne, who placed that wonderful call to me. Over the years, since then, my LTD carrier has requested additional information in order to review my claim to determine if I am still eligible for LTD benefits. Ms. Henry and her staff have been with me through each and every review, insuring my success for continued LTD benefits. I have Congestive Heart Failure. You would never know it by looking at my face. I have CJ Henry Law Firm on my team. You would never know it by looking at my face, until you see me smile! Robin
You've saved my Butt financially and mentally. And if you had not come to my aide at the last minute (my fault) I would have been ruined. The insurance company had been lying to me and were about to cost me all that I had. I can't thank you enough. Dean Woehrle
Thank you and your staff for all that you have done for me. You may not know how much you have changed my life. I cannot find the words to say how thankful I am that you do the quality of work that you do both for me and other people in similar situation. Again with much thanks. And forever grateful. Jeff Tierney
Recently, I was stressed, frustrated, and confused with my disability Insurance Company. I received a denial letter, which required me to seek counsel. I was referred to CJ HENRY LAW FIRM , PLLC. CJ Henry Law Firm investigated my claim to determine how they could assist me. They answered my questions patiently and professional, They took proactive measures to research my condition. They were available by phone to provide clarification and information. They were always prompt in returning my phone calls. Their expertise was invaluable. I highly recommend them without question and will continue using their services which is second to none. Essie Rains
I have used CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC for a number of years. Ms. Henry helped me get my Social Security benefits, as well as workers’ compensation benefits. She is there for her clients. She was a nurse before an attorney. She will petition for records, as well as appointments for you. She will take the pressure off of you. If you need help with paperwork, her staff will help you. If you have to appear before lawyers, Judges or whoever, she will be beside you herself; you do not have to do it alone. She cares about her clients. She will never ask you to come out of your comfort zone. She is willing to answer any questions you might have. I assure you everything that can be done, will be done, to get you your benefits. She not only helped me with my claims, she helped my late husband, and many of our friends. I would recommend CJ Henry Law Firm to anyone who wants an attorney who cares about their clients, who has the best interest of her client at heart, not only as a client, but as a person. She makes you feel like family. Martha Mulkey

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