Social Security Disability

When you look at the statistics, approximately 68% of all Social Security disability claim applications are denied nationally. That percentage rises to 89% at the reconsideration level. So what can you do to increase your chances of winning a Social Security disability claim? Claudeth Henry is a skilled Social Security disability lawyer in Pinellas Park, Seminole and the surrounding areas of Florida, Let her help with your disability claim.

Time and Persistence Pays Off

Even though the odds are generally not in your favor, you statistically have about a 46% chance of winning an appeal if you can make it to the Hearing level. Many people get frustrated and give up after a few months, but that’s where an accomplished disability lawyer in Florida can help you. But it takes patience and persistence throughout the process! Getting to the Hearing level could take more than two years after you file your initial claim application.

Experience Makes the Difference

Disability insurance in Florida is more likely to be awarded if you make it to the Hearing level, and a disability lawyer will know what information Social Security needs to make a favorable decision. Sometimes those documents will include medical records, school records, witness statements, vocational evidence and medical source statements. In addition to obtaining these documents, an experienced Social Security disability lawyer, like Claudeth Henry, can also help you prepare to be effective as a witness at your Hearing.

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I had been turned down by 2 of the 1-800 guys who sounded like they’d take anyone with a heart beat. After that, I sank into a deeper depression and was just about to “forget it all.” Then I ran into Betty, not seeing her for 10 years, she came to my church, and referred me to you. Yes, God is in control and may he bless you and yours forever. I want to thank Dianne and Sarah for being so nice & encouraging & available- always getting back with me by phone or email. And CJ – I thank God that you got out of nursing (a noble & awesome profession in many ways), and instead are there now doing what you do, to help someone like me. God loves all of you and so do I. You women are awesome and rock the bomb!!!

Candy Nottingham.

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