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An injury at work can be difficult to deal with, especially if you have to be out a significant amount of time. While the injury itself can be a burden, the financial ramifications of medical bills and missing work can be even more burdensome. That's where the workers compensation attorneys at CJ Henry Law Firm can help.

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Florida worker’s compensation laws can be complicated and they change constantly. We understand that you may not fully understand these laws and what benefits should be provided to you, so we want to help make it as clear as possible. That’s why, when you contact a workers comp attorney at CJ Henry Law Firm, we won’t charge you for the initial half-hour consultation.

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Worker’s compensation is a sensitive subject at times, and isn’t as straightforward as you would think. One of the reasons is every worker’s compensation claim is different. The law is constantly changing. Your claim will be governed by the law in effect on your date of injury. The law for your case may be different from another case depending on your date of injury. We have experienced workers compensation attorneys that can help you understand what benefits you are entitled and we will fight for you to get them!

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Without the guidance and assistance from a workers comp lawyer, you may be in a never-ending battle with your employer, insurance carrier or even your doctor. Our goal is to fully understand your specific situation and ensure that you receive everything you are owed.

If you are not getting the benefits you are entitled to, rest assured the CJ Henry Law Firm workers compensation lawyers are ready to serve you. Contact us today if you live in Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Melbourne or the surrounding areas in Florida so we can ease the burden for you and your family.

Words cannot express my sincere appreciation to Attorney Claudeth Henry for the professional services in representing me with my disability claim. Your knowledgeable expertise helped to process my claim immediately without delays. Thank you for your genuine work ethics and care for your clients. May God continue to soar you to greater heights.

Brenda Vereen

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