Workplace Stress and Social Security Disability Hearings

Posted on August 29, 2011 by cjblog

An Ocala disability lawyer can help you prepare for your Social Security disability hearing. If you cannot work, you may be asked about your ability to do the following:

  • Follow instructions;
  • Make decisions in a workplace setting;
  • Deal with supervisors, co-workers, and clients or customers; and
  • React well to changes in your environment.

You may be asked about the stresses in your life and how you react to them. It’s not unusual for different people to find different things stressful. Thus, if the administrative law judge asks you about how well you deal with stress, be sure to explain exactly what sorts of things stress you out, especially at work.

Many people find it difficult to describe exactly what it is about work that they find stressful, and these can also change by the day.  Here are some of the common things that stress out people in the workplace:

  • Deadlines;
  • Not knowing what your employer expects;
  • Dealing with the public, such as customers;
  • Complex tasks;
  • Having to make decisions;
  • Tedium or boredom;
  • Dealing with critical supervisors;
  • Simply knowing that their work is supervised;
  • Getting to work regularly;
  • Working overtime;
  • Restlessness; and
  • Fear of failure or judgment.

Routine or repetitive work can be stressful for many reasons: monotony, tedium, lack of stimulation, lack of opportunity to feel like you are making an impact, lack of teamwork, underutilization of skills or experience, or feeling that your work meaningless. Think about whether you find any of these things particularly stressful. If so, discuss them with an Ocala disability lawyer. If you are not already represented by an experienced Ocala disability lawyer, contact CJ Henry today for a free initial consultation.

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