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If you have a claim against your disability insurance company, you should know that you are not on a level playing field. Remember, insurance companies exist for one reason: to make profits for its shareholders. If you are asking them to pay you benefits, then you are affecting those profits. We have seen the extremes that some of these insurance companies will go in order to avoid paying your benefits so that they can keep their profits.


Some examples we have seen includes:

  • They send your file to an “in house” doctor who never evaluates you, much less analyzes all your records.
  • They send your file to a doctor who rarely finds anyone disabled, regardless of his/her condition.
  • They send your file to doctors who may make millions of dollars per year from such referrals.

These doctors know that the insurance companies paying their fees WANT to deny your claim! We are passionate about helping you obtain your disability benefits. We have written this book to inform, empower, and guide you through the disability claim process.

By ordering this book, you have taken a step in the right direction toward getting your long-term disability benefits. I guarantee that your time will not be wasted by reading this book.

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